38 degrees in Abu Dhabi, so what did I do the last days?

My race here in Abu Dhabi was not really planned long time ago, but I decided with my coach like 3 weeks ago to participate into it. Now I feel really great about the decision. I really look forward a good racing day, and again, it is nice to see how the training I did during the winter has given me endurance and strength for this race, I will push hard and do a good race!

The world is changing down here

Here Is my top 10 list for you, if you go to race “off season in a hot hot place”  , just in my opinion, important last week preparation tips,:

Photo shoots from Playitas

Here some Frank’s photo shoots from Playitas- Fuerteventura

Rasmus Henning is really fit for fight after his first winter in the spanish heat

Some of the young talents in the Danish Triathlon Team with family members

Helle Frederiksen speeding up to 18.5 km/h on a treadmill!!!

Michael Krüger, trainer of the danish team, is following the talents...