Tapper time

It is more or less a week to go for my first race of the year: Mallorca 70.3 will be on Saturday 12th May, and I am tappering = training less,  before the crunching time. Tapper is important part of racing, so if you make it well, you have a better race. But how to tapper correct, and what should you remember when tappering?

Mallorca 70.3 Saturday 12th May


Going to 70.3 mallorca ? Where to eat well in Alcudia??

My absolut favorite restaurants in Alcudia are in Alcudia old town.
Not only because it is cosy up there, but also, because there are many good restaurants to choose from. Check the website
Piero has a lot to choose from; tapas, spanish, italian, fish, meat, anything, nutricious, delicious. He even has a new restaurant in the harbor area in Alcudia beach.
Good food, good atmosphere, and even Ironman menus:

just a coffee???

Is the hot oatmeal still good breakfast???

These days I have been reading some articles, where the good “old hotmeal” is not meant to be good breakfast anymore… Why, because it is lean carbohydrates, and gets the blood sugar to rise too fast, which is not good but stressing the body too much. But hey, remember it is not necessarily good just as it is for not-active-people. It is still a fantastic meal for us active sportsmen!!!

So much I enjoy my morning oats, fruits, Udo's Choice and still my newspaper, if time :-)