“You are what you eat”

This is something you might here lots of times, in Ironman this is the only way to keep control; you have to eat well to be able to train all those amounts and keep your weight under control. It might sound strange that even a person trains all that amount, he has to look after the food and amount what he is eating, not to gain weihgt, but yes, this is how it functions.

My good friends, collegues at my work and others who dont train 15-25 hours in a week might wonder how much I must eat to keep going. Or there was one of them who said: ” I guess that you cannot  eat or drink even wine, as you train for Ironman”. There are all kinds of mythes of training for Ironman:-) Well some of them at ofcourse true, but many of them not.

Lets say in this way; I have been lucky in the way that I never  liked the food that was fried, stir-fried or “normally regarded as tasting good”. I always have been a good friend of vedgetables, fruits, fish, more or less lean food. When I still was living home, and was a small girl, we were eating carrots while seeing TV, not chips, might sound grazy, but this is how it was. So I can say thanks to my parents for the good eating habits today.

But I still did not answer into the question how much I eat when in training period. Here you get an example of one of my days:
Morning starts with a porrigde done of oats and other different fiberrich flakes, fruits and coffee. For the lunch in the office, I have a rich buffet of vedgetables, salad, fish and some ryebread. The  lunch I normally eat in my job in www.sos.dk and it is a marvellous lunch! During the day I get some snacks in form of fruits; apple, banan etc. For the dinner I dont cook anything, but make myself a salad made of vedgetables, some hummus or feta cheese or goatcheese, or fish again and ryebread. I try to avoid wheat in all the forms, as I dont feel that it fits me, but makes me mostly feel swollen and full :-( There are ofcourse exceptions in how my day might go food wise, like sometimes we might eat sushi in the evening or go out for a dinner etc.

I feel that I get a lot of energy of the food I eat, try it: brown rice, guinoa, spelt, dark pasta, vedgetables. Proteins are coming from cheese, soya, beans, nuts, fish. Fat come from pure fat like oils: olive, rapsoil, fatty fish. Some multivitamine pills keeps a doctor away, and I feel when following this “diet” that I have a strong body: fit for Ironman training. And if I feel like getting a bit sugar, I jump on a bike, or do a run, and crab some energibars or gels, and get all the sugar in I need!
Try for a week, see how you feel. This is more or less what you can eat:
– all vedgetables
– all fruits
– couple of slices ryebread (without wheatflour) a day, or generally grains are fine
– soyamilk/tofu
– fish
– sweet potatoes
– hummus
– max 1 glas redwine a day (if you really want:-) )
– nuts like almonds, walnuts, just not peanuts
– dry fruits like figs, dadles (max 3 a day)
– goatcheese, feta is ok
– dark chocolate (min 70%, but not a hole package:-)
– dark rice, pasta, guinoa is ok
– coffee in reasonal amounts
– tea (preferably green tea)
So all this means no mixtures of food, all must be clean, you must know what you eat, no sweets, candy, cakes, coke ,  etc.. :-)

If you want to know more, let me hear:-)

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