The People Behind Me

Jonas Christofferssen, friend already for some years, and was my first coach.  Knows everything about triathlon training, does not matter if its technics on a bike, or swimming technic, pulselimits, or zone training. You can always be sure to get an answer for your query from him, really an expert.

Now he still helps me a lot on the equipment. He runs a  Runnin/Tri-shop, with all the equipment you need as a beginner or serious triathlete. Read more from Endurance Sport

Frank Jakobsen, my husband and the best coach of anyone for me. It is great to have a person as a coach who knows you so well, and as i travel a lot with my work, it is really good to be able to have close dialog and fast adjustments to my traning when needed. He has worked his way into the Triathlon, and has be lucky to work with some of the best. He is always looking and lisetning to people, and then puts it all together.

The best about him is his mind. He simply belive in me, and belive that it is possible to reach really high when you dedicate youself. On raceday he is hard to beat, when it all comes down to the real deal, then he is there.

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