The Sponsors

MaximI had a great change to try a pair of running shoes of Brooks, and continued working/training with them eversince.
PureCadence is absolutely my favorite, and the latest model for the autumn is just so cool, not only in the colors, but also the shoe itself: lightweighted,
pretty neutral shoe for a fast runner.If you have not tried these shoes, try!!! Then you can decide yourself, if the fit for your runningstyle
I am happy to be able to say, like about all the other sponsors: they did not choose me, but I chose them :-)
CeramicspeedThis danish company is definitely giving a standard on how easily your bike can roll-on. You can upgrade your bike with a new bottom bracket, new pullys to your rear derailleur, and ceramic bearings to your favorit wheels.
Less rolling resistance is a guarantee = less energy needed. Or just : YOU RIDE FASTER AND STRONGER!
Read more at under ”sport”-section.
Retül BikefitA new way to make a bikefit. You get your riding position while you ride = dynamic measurement = unique!
Read more at, and on my website where you can book your own bikefitting!
GarminMy latest sponsor, with the worlds best GPS equipped devices, that make my workouts more efficient. Whether it is running, cycling or swimming, I always have a Garmin watch with me. And even when I travel, my coach can follow my training on Garmin Connect. You can read more about Garmin's different products in my blogs as well as under equipment, when my training really gets going :-)
FusionA Danish company, that is producing high quality sporting clothes for my kind of sports. The quality and comfort of the material is absolutely excellent and make my training day even better :-) Fusion is designed to Scandinavian weather, so it does not matter if it is winter or summer, windy or quiet, but the comfort is always there!
kildeskovhallenOne of the few 50m pools in Copenhagen area. Situated in Gentofte, perfectly for me, as I can train on the way to my work.
They have good openingtimes, its clean and wellkept, and a nice place to come, just right for a good traning or relax.

By NordThis is the kind of Danish design, where the nature and beauty are really going together, organic materials, and high quality products.
Whether it is interior; home accessories or SPA products, or even fashion, the raw Nordic nature is taking its form.
I use all of their spa line, as the nature can be hard to my skin, and i my sleep i like to surround myself in calming and good materials.
Take a look at their webside, and see if you also get the easy, calm and nature loving feeling.....raw nordic nature, it is pure energy.
Energy for my sport.
PanaceaFor me it is very important that the nutrition is functioning when training a lot and with the intensity that I do. For instance the essentielle Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are some of the ones that my body uses a lot and need to have a balance of. This is why I use Udos Choice daily in my diet. Udos Choice used together with the food increases the value of it. Together with the beetroot crystals (Chrisana Chrystals) they make my diet complete. Beetroot Chrystals keep my levels of iron, natrium, magnesium, kalium, A/C vitamin, niacin, folinacid and biotin in balance. All and all it is to have the inside of the body functioning, specially on the race day!

Organic Food Bar
Nuex is a company importing Nuun electrolytes, Organic Foodbar and Agisgo energy to Denmark
Funny enough, is NUEX a short version of Nutrition and Exercise :-)
All organic:
Nuun with many different taste variants, filled with magnesium, sodium, kalium and calcium, exactly what your body needs when sweating and you are pushing it on the limits
Organic food bar; filled with energy, but also proteins, so fits exactly for your long training passes, or before early morning swim. Done of dry fruits, nuts, agave sirup and other organic ingredients from the nature
Agisko gel's and energy powder; a great combination of carbohydrates, with a low glycemic index and giving a great energy for many hours training
As a combination of these 3 nutritional elements, my body would not be better covered for many hours of training.
Check more from, or contact me for more information.

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