Are you getting ready for your Challenge?

It is 7 weeks for the big Ironman in Copenhagen, Copenhagen Challenge, how is your training going so far? Will you fulfill your dream, and be ready on thestartline, when the day is there…

It is all about being 100% ready on the start line









Today was Ironman France. There was a long list of triathletes, who did sign up, had a dream, but never showed up… why? One reason was for sure that they were injured…
To get to your goal, it is just sooooooo important that you listen  and feel your body. If you have a training program that you follow ( as I suppose the most do have) it is anyhow important to listen the bodysignals, not to push the body if tiredness signs appear or one part of the body starts to hurt. Talk with your trainer, make and agree a new plan, and be on the start line. This is what you have been training for so long and looking forward.

So, if you are in good training and the motivation is getting bigger for the race, here some tips for your training now:

– swim in the sea, openwater, with a wetsuit, instead of with the wetsuit in the swimming pool :-) train navigation ! and train pushing = go with 10 freinds, and agree to swim in a bunch and push eachothers.
– I suppose your heavy training period is there now, listen at your body and see the signals, more is not always better, but then again, dont make yourself of glass…..
– sleep a lot, take a nap in the weekends if possible
– stay away from the big groups, avoid getting sick
– eat good healthy food, with lots of antioxidants
–  take some holiday from your work if you can for the heavy training period, or just some 1/2 days off
– keep yourself motivated, the race is almost there, find training friends, look forward that you can blow your energy all out
soon :-)
– put some priority on this, so that in late July you don’t need to look back and say why did I not do like this or that. Put this on the first place now! Agree with your wife/husband or girl/boyfriend about this :-)
And… see you on the roads! Train smart!
– dont do your PR in training, do it in the race. So be paitinent. To race 100% to your potiential, you need to be ok to train where you have super fitness, but dont open for it unplanned.
– and have fun, it is a free choise…..see you out there













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