Are you motivated for the winter training?

When the darkness is getting heavier, and it is difficult to get time to see the day light, as the days are getting shorter, it is not an unusual question to make: where do you find the motivation to go out and train in the dark, windy and rainy december day…? Does not matter if you are training for an Ironman or training to keep your fitness up, it is a good question. Let me tell you what I think:

this is what you can find on your mountainbike, if you are lucky and ride in dyrehavn

First point to think about is: be happy that you can do any fitness training, if it is walking, running, spinning, bodytoning, football or what ever, enjoy every second of your activity. You know how angry you get when you are sick and you cannot train or go out and have fun with your sports. remember the enjoyments of your sports.
But it is not that I want to say regarding the motivation these days … If I look at the triathlon training, I could suggest for you for instance following:
In cycling:
– train with others, try some spinning sessions at least once a week. Spinning is not quite the same as sitting and pedaling with your own bike, but might give you a bit motivation in training, and company
– go with a mountainbike; fantastic strength training, when using a big cling :-) Enjoy the forests and nature, and the fresh air!
– train another time of the day as you are used to, that might also help

In running:
– have some different running sessions that you can do on a treadmill, like 5x1000m lifting the elevation after each km
– run with your club or your friend
– do your long run in the daylight, weekends
– get a GPS watch, like GARMIN, and run with your pace, and change it during your training
In swimming:
– take a coach, private or together with your friend
– make a program for each swimming session, so you dont just swim the distance, it is the technic that makes the difference!
– if the pool is crowded, use your time to make your technic sessions, just have fun in the water

Hope this helps to get you a bit more motivated, and remember the shortest day of the year is soon past :-)

even the days are short, it is still beautiful!

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