Canada was good or was it

This was not my first trip to the Canadian Rockies, and not the last one either I hope. Great trip, with a great group and good time

This trip was meant to be mostly for relaxing; keeping the good condition I have got up into, doing some awesome skiing, eating good food, and enjoying the good company. And this is exactly how the trip also was. Always the travelling is not so simple and without surprises, but this time all went nice and smoothly without any big surprises. Some of my friends were doubting a bit if it was a good idea to go for a 2 weeks skiholiday in the middle of training period; I must admit; could not have choosen a better holiday.

Specially this winter in Denmark with all the coldness and snow, it was practically impossible to train outside. Most of training was made indoor, and this was for sure  not mentally a succes for many athletes!!! Many many hours indoor and in the darkness…!!! My training had gone fine until the departure, but I got to get also a bit depressed about the weather.

In Canada the first weeks were with nice spring temperatures and lots of sun, and in the end we got lots of new snow, so could not have been better combination for a skiholiday :-) Really lucky , very nice.

After arrival home to Denmark, the spring had arrived also here, so the last week has been enjoyable to breathe the springweather, do some rides outside, and just enjoy the mild weather. The first week (last week) has gone with a jetlag, and training has not really felt great – remember when travelling far distance, it is the jetlag that is making you worse, not the condition… And this I can feel since the weekend, as I feel like flying; it must be the combination of height training, as well as the reality that I had a good training winter!

So now I start my first race preparation, meaning the first race in June (Zürich 70.3), and I feel great and motivated to get some volume into my training in this marvellous danish spirngweather. Enjoy your days, and see you out there!!!

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