MTB in the Alps

While the weather is fantastic home in Copenhagen, and it is enjoyable to train these days, it is puring down rain down in southern parts of Europe. Frank is at the moment down in the Italian Alps trying to ride over the Alps with MTB.

Sunday training

I got my new bike from Scott; its cool, its looking good, its fast, and I am faster than ever:-) Bike is Scott Plasma LTD, beautiful, and rolling really smoothly on my rides.

Tappering and Hannover

As much as I enjoy the days with the hard training, as much I like the days, when I am doing the tappering. Specially like now, when it is a late spring, weather is beautifull, I can plant flowers, fix a bit in home, enjoy the sun, spend some time with the friends. All this I miss when training hard, but again, when tappering I start pretty soon to miss the hard training:-) What to learn: enjoy every moment in your life in your day, the presence, dont look continuously how something could be. You never know when it is too late, I got cancer twice,I never forget it…