Congratulations for you, you are an Ironman… Do’s and don’t’s for the first 3 weeks after your race!

You might be the one, who just got done your this season’s race A,  and got to be an Ironman. Fantastic! Congratulations with all the hard work and training you did. You were on the startline, free of injurys, you did it! Now it is time for a recover! As it is not when you get an injury, that it came, your body starts the building for it  NOW :-(

I am still training for my season race A... Happy training :-)

I am still training for my season race A… Happy training :-)

Does not matter if you gonna race in Kona in some weeks or any other place during the autumn, now…relax! Your body really needs it. It is hard hit at the moment  … Even the race is already a week away, your joints, bone and muscles need recovery.
We know that all the hard training is not necessarily so healthy for your body,  training an hour a day is ok, but up to many hours a day is producing lots of free radicals in your body, which  then unfortunately are one of the reasons for injuries, sicknesses, tiredness and other negative problems.
So…saying this, it is not a surprise that Ironman done in a day, is producing so so so many free radicals in your body, that it will take a while to build the amount of antioxidants in your body to get all these free radicals killed.
Here some hints for you, how to do it… and give time for this… as it will not be done overnight. So you will stay injuryfree when starting your next training season:

– You must be tired, like sleepingtired after the hard race, so SLEEP…and get fresh again!

– Eat lots of good food, like before the race. Yes I know, now you want t o eat candy, icecream, cakes…all that you did not eat before the race, as you wanted to keep your weight down… Keep the same line still… As it is the healthy food that makes you fresh sooner

–  Move your body… BUT maximum 30 minutes swim and 60 ride. And just nice and easy. Your body is used to action, so give it that, but not too much and too early, else it is again too hard for the body.

– wait with the running… I know, running is easy and effective way to train, but you don´t need to train yet… Running is so high impact sports, that it actually can really ruin your muscles, joints etc. which are very weak right now, after the race. Wait to go for a run for 10 to 15 days, all depends on how hard your run was, or if you did walk/shuffel a lot.

–  Do powerwalking, do ellipse training. As I describe above about running, then again walking and ellipse are low impact sports, and you can freely start those, if you want to get sweat ;-) But just 30minutes, max 45 minutes.

–  Do coretraining, and different group training. You might have missed this when you were in IM training. Now it is time for that, but still remember…low impact = not too much jumping and running

– and last but absolutely not least, give time for your family and friends; make dinners, go to movies, do everything you did not have time for before your race. Enjoy their company and

FIND A NEW RACE you soon can start training for again, this shows that you are also mentally recovered
After 3 weeks (or even 4 weeks for some of us) you can slowly start to prepare yourself for a new training season/race.
And then… you are fit for fight again!
Happy recover training!
PS….this does not apply for elite / if you have had problems and walked a lot of the marathon / not got enough energy and therefore not pushed your body like it was ready to be pushed


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