Done with a 70.3… going against an Ironman, so how to do?

The raceseason is fully on… and most of us survived already a half Ironman (=70.3) and the very tuff ones did even 2 of them, or an Ironman. And the real tuff ones had the 70.3 race as a step forward to a full Ironman. Now there is a question, how to do the recover from 70.3 and start training again?

First of all, I just want  to give you the best advice : recover well… meaning, don’t start the hard and heavy training too soon, else you will have a PROBLEM later in the season with an injury. So just don’t start too early…
Do like this guy does:



Or have a bit fun after your race, maybe have a glass of champagne or a beer… Like I did after I got to be a world champion :-)

sometimes it is ok, even from a plastic cup :-)

sometimes it is ok, even from a plastic cup :-)

Have a good dinner with good friends:

Even the coach gets into a picture...on the left ...

Even the coach gets into a picture…on the left …

So…I just want to say, do the things you missed to do, when you were training hard, and did not have time. Enjoy the time also without hard training!

We need to remember….that beside the beer etc, it is very good to recover well = protein and amino supplement right after the race.
ice bath…….massage  (first a easy one, and then 4-5 days later a deep one)  and healthy food with high protein amount.

Here some tips from me for your after-70.3-before-starting-ironman-training:
– recover well, like above…
– remember to train a bit: it is important to keep the musclecells in small action, to get the “shit” cleared totally out from the muscles and be ready sooner for the new training block
–  1st  swim and swim light and short… the best movement you can get right after
–  then 2nd go and have a ride on your bike; nice and easy and short, with small hard bursts = 1k from easy to 90% of max but in control
– also walk … and first in the end of your recover start light running…don’t push yet
– make a new plan with your coach; how to get forward, how to start and move against to your next race

remember to look at your race that you did, learn from it, at plan according to it. Nervous before start ?  navigation ok in the swim ? etc. etc.

And all this will make that you are more than motivated to start to train again… to train really hard…
Have fun and see you on the roads!!

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