Getting closer to the depart

Departure for my training camp? so where do i go now…? Mallorca? Gran Canaries? No, to Canada!!!!  To Canada’s Rocky Mountains on a trip where I end in Whistler and fly home from Olympic Vancouver.
Now you might ask is it good to ski in march/april, what about the Ironman training?

Actually it is ok to have a small break from the normal program with swim, run, strength and and cycle training.
I will switch to  a lot on the downhill skiis as well as cross country skiis, and last but not least with randonnee skiis. The plan is to keep the aerobic condition going with cross country, running, and walking upwards on the mountains (=randonnee, which is kind of like winter trekking on the mountains, climbing upwards couple of hours, and skiing downhill, when returning from the mountain).  It is really super cardio workout, with very low impact on my body in terms of recover/damage on tissue.
Downhill skiing is as well really good muscle training, and I still have possibility to swim in Banff and Whistler where we will stay. Actually I can push myself pretty well, and the good thing is, I can rest and relax; I have a lot of time to stress down from the busy winter and work. Canada, the relaxed feeling, the nature, ohhhhhhh the nature. It just gives me so much energy.
There is one more good part in all this and it is the height… As you sleep high and train not really hard, but medium, you will get a bigger number og red blood cells into your body, and with them more hemoglobin, and with hemoglobin more oxygen, as they are the microscopic small things that are transporting oxygen in the body. And all this means that the ability in getting oxygen around in the body gets better and faster. So all this means that when I return home the training power will be on the top, and THEN I can push myself very hard:-)  I am also looking forward a change in my weekly training sessions.
In total there is som many good things in it, so I dont care about the logic, “do a good 2 weeks in Spain ect ect”. Sometimes you must trust the feeling, and look at the big picture.
And when I come back home, it is time to start spending more hours on a bike outside, and ofcourse on the running legs. It is good to be hungry for that.

So far the winter season has gone well, even thoug, it has been a loooooong and cold winter. I dont remember a winter, when I was training as much inside as this winter. But it ment also that I got more powertraining done, more intensive training on a spinning bike/turbo trainer, and more time spent in the pool. I have got to be a better swimmer:
Last weeks 1 km test showed, that i have got 15 s better in the distance than last year. And last year my test was just before Hawaii… We are still in March :-) I´m a dolphin, !!!

Well, I will go now for some recover traing; Aquajog in the pool, in the Kildeskovshallen. See you out there, and soon on the roads :-)

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