How to recover from an Ironman?

Challenge Copenhagen is over, and ended to be an excellent arrangement. How to ensure to get the best possible recover after the race? And to be well motivated for the following, new training period

Congratulations, now you are an Ironman! It is something to be proud of. Whether it was your first time, or you already made couple of them but now you made your PR, fantastic!
It is time to relax; your body might be excausted of all the work it was doing in the race and up to the race. There are some important points to remember:
– keep of to much of the white sugar and fat food, it makes the recovery slow.
– sleep, get some sleep, you need it.
– massage; hot stones, watermassage, ice on your bad spots, and keep all blister and other open wounds clean for the first 1 week.
– no running for the first 10-14 days, this will make your recover time shorter, and you will be ready for the “real training” again sooner, nice walks are good.
– the first 2 weeks after the race do some alternative training, like waterrunning, yoga, pilates, walking, light crosstraining, and keep it low-impact
– after 4-5 days start swimming, remember easy swims
– start cykling;   do some spinning,  just 45 min to 1 hour is ok on the flat roads, and dont do sprints ect, just easy.

You are very fit now, and after about 7-10 days, you will feel that you are ready again……..think twice.  When you feel ready, the do about 1 week more of easy movement/training, and then start to
go again, if you want. This way, hopefully, the deep tissue damage that has happened, is also gone. This is the damage that you need to go away also, because else it might creep up on you when you start to really go again, for you next Ironman.

I need to say, that this recover way is for all us “normal Ironmanpeople”,  so when you hear about the pro´s , that does 2 Ironmancompetitions, with only 1 month in between, there are very different rules. And remember, keep it simple, dont push yourself, your next goal will wait until you are ready. And by the way, when you look at the mirror now, you can see your hero: an IRONMAN!!!

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