I have a x-tra weapon !!

I will tell you what it is………

my secret weapon

my secret weapon

it is a Giant Trinity LTD,
it has Zipp 1080 and 808 as rollers
SRAM red with return-to-center shifters
TimeTrial blade 54
And…………………..CeramicSpeed equipment in wheels, pullys and bottombracket.

Actually I only have to look at it, then it moves about 38 km-hour

Point is, I feel really lucky to have it, grateful that so many has helped me to get it, put it together , all the special parts, and it is just
cool to check it in at the T1 (= transitions from swim to bikearea)
I look forward to ride it, and will push it hard. The road on Cozumel will know I

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