IronKaisa takes the 1st place in Abu Dhabi, or how to say it ?

Fantastic race … I won my agegroup and had a day where all was working good.
So could not have been a better race :-)  check out some cool shoots !!!!!

A finish line is always wonderful

But I promise you it was a bit warm on the way, specially out on the 200 km bikeride in a sand storm!
And yes, the weather went form winter to summer in the last 5 days down here, and we are talking summer in
Abu Dhabi……37 degrees, and it feelt like 200 !!

run run run we go....!

For more results click in live results.
About the race it self; when I have a bit more energy than just now, I will return with a race report.
Shortly; this is absolutely a race to go for; great arrangement, and experience, one of them is for sure a part of the bikeride going on Formula 1 route.

that was so cool.......supercool to ride a F1 track on my bike

i just made the sound myself......wroooooooommmmmm

But now… time to zzzzzzzzz.
I´m totally busted. Period.

See you on the roads!


  1. Kim

    WELL DONE!!! Sålænge du vinder er det ok at du “svigter” os om tirsdagen :-) Og hvad er så dit næste projekt?

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