Ironman training in the rain

Yes they promised a lot of rain for this weekend, starting from last night and continuing all saturday morning. When the weather gets hard, it is time to prove to yourself, that  your are an ironman, sometimes it is good to use this chance. How ….
Did it go? Well, already last night, I went with some good friends and Frank, to swim in the ocean close to our home. We knew it was about 20 degrees, and we where looking forward to a nice workout in open water.
When we arrived to the sea, the wind had picked up during the afternoon, and had turned to onshore. A good amount of waves was building.
Great, this was the conditions I had to swim in, when I competed in DK championship last year. Now I had a chance to train in it, and out we went.  It was good, specially for the confidence. So………use the chance to train, even if the weather is against you.
This morning I was suppose to run, and it had started to rain, and rain a lot. No problem; I took my waterbottles and gels and left… It became an ok run, even it was really puring down of water!!! I saw nobody during my run; it was dark, grey, and so much water everywhere!!! But still I was running just under 5 min per km, and I was enjoying… It just builds a lot of confidence,.
Do the same, and feel how you build your confidence, and like I say “when you want to look at your hero, go and look in the mirror”
So now I feel good after a good protein/soya shake, and am ready for a great lunch with some good friends up in Northern part of the Island Sjælland.

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