1. Lone

    Hej Kaisa
    Det sku godt gået selv om du blev nummer 3.
    Det var jo en meget svær/bakket cykeltur. (svær nok i bil – sværere på cykel :-))
    Vi ses – knus Lone

  2. chiinhooi

    I think all women age groups only had 1 slot to Las Vegas, as I raced the largest age group of the day and there as only 1 slot. :) I think your age group slots rolled, sadly mine did not. I was 3rd too. ;)

    • Kaisa Ilvesmäki-Jakobsen

      Well done Chiinhooi!
      Fantastic run and a great time, congrats! Next year is a new year so hope you get a quali there!
      Good luck for Roth!

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