Is the hot oatmeal still good breakfast???

These days I have been reading some articles, where the good “old hotmeal” is not meant to be good breakfast anymore… Why, because it is lean carbohydrates, and gets the blood sugar to rise too fast, which is not good but stressing the body too much. But hey, remember it is not necessarily good just as it is for not-active-people. It is still a fantastic meal for us active sportsmen!!!

So much I enjoy my morning oats, fruits, Udo's Choice and still my newspaper, if time :-)


So, oatmeal has lots of carbohydrates, and if you train and  are generally active, you need carbohydrates for your bodyfunctions. But still it is important to remember that you need also proteins for muscle repair, and building, and also fats as energy but also keeping your immune system going strong. So when eating your hot oats, you can mix some other grains than just oats, like spelt, barley, rye, linseed (that are soaked in the water overnight)chiaseeds and so on. Your “oats” gets a bit more “content” in this way. And if you furthermore add some fruits like blueberries, banana to get your antioxidants, or nuts, for the good fats, and even a drop of Udo’s Choice oli, like I do, you will be perfect!
Enjoying the hot oatmeal in this way, you are guaranteed of getting a good breakfast, that keeps you going in your training before noon. Buon appetito, and happy training!

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