ITU World Championchips in Motala on Saturday

Raceday is almost here and the shape is right where it should be, so tomorrow I race hard and smart ;-) in 1500m swim, 120k bike and 30k run. The race is the World Championchips long distance and actually the swim should have been 4k, BUT the chilly nordic summer did not really warm up the waters well enough in Sweden, and the raceofficials decided to cut the swim distance to 1500m. Water temperature is between 13-15 degrees.
Fair enough, even not the same, but I still think it is better to swim 1500m instead of canceling the swim, and making the race to run-bike-run race…


This is what the triathlon racing is many times about: you never know what the race day will bring… but a lot of excitement at least :-)

To follow the race tomorrow, you can clic this link

ITU Motala

Elite start goes 9.25, and my group 9.45 local Swedish time.

Keep your thumbs up… Or see you on the route ;-)


Me with the swedish TOP triathletes Patrik Nilsson and Annie Thoren… getting into the COLD water



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  1. Ayla Jalamo

    Kaisa toivon ajatukseni siivittävän jalkasi juoksemaan nopeasti.Polkemaan pyörää vimmatusti ja sinut uimaan kuin delfiini tuntematta veden viileyttä. Kävi miten kävi, minulle sinä olet sankari voitit tai et.

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