ITU World Championships in triathlon or duathlon ;-)

Sun is not always shining, not in Europe  this May anyway…which means that it is raining, it is colder than normally and this means again that the water temperatures in the lakes or sea, are not warm like they should this time of the year. Well, what does this then again mean… Well obviously couple of triathlon races have to cancel the swim as the water is not just warm enough, and there are the rules to follow.

well well, not the best conditions ;-)

well well, not the best conditions ;-)

So the photo above was just right how the training or race can get to be in these kind of conditions…preparing for saturdays DUATHLON!ITU long distance TRI was suppose to be a race for me, showing what my training effect has been after all the spring on Mallorca, and this is still what it is going to be, thought it will not be TRI but DU… 9.5k run-87kbike-20k run… funny, specially as I never tried a duathlon… and now I can try it in World Championships.
There is actually couple of things to prepare differently, as preparing for DU instead of TRI, and specially in the cold/rainy weather conditions like here in Belfort-France this saturday, like:

– you start with a run… so nutrition will be a bit different after a run to bike, than swim to run…
– T1 and T2… you run in the start and you finish with a run…so what you do with the running shoes etc…?
– this race has a climb on a bike up to a mountain   in 1200 m… and this weather might make the mountain top a bit cool… so what are your raceclothes?

But I am sure I will find out all this ;-) and race my best Duathlon ever, lets see if I will be a world champion on Saturday :-)
One more thing: race season is almost on for most of us, or is starting… remember one thing, it should be FUN… and this is all in your head… so have fun, and be happy that  you can do what you are doing!  See you out there!


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