Kona pre-race 5 do’s and 5 dont’s

To race in Kona is not just like racing where ever else place in the world. To race in Kona is something else… Why? Some of the points I would say are: time difference to your home,  the heat and humidity of the air,  the wind (that is not just head – or tailwind, but can be all of it), your energy and liquid needs because of that, and all other really good athletes PRO and amateurs competing with you. BUT most of all, it is in the middle of the pacific, and that is a challenge for us Nordic people, so here are my


tuff energy lab climb

tuff energy lab climb

Here some do’ and don’ts to think about when coming to race to Kona:

DO 1 = Prepare yourself for the heat… do some sauna training, and heat training. Even the weather in Denmark is not warm anymore, you can for sure do heat training… move inside. Just use your imagination and you will have benefits of that in your first training sessions in Kona (what is sauna training ????? well, easy…..sit in the sauna, and what else…well the exact protocol we use, I will only tell for our athletes. But still, do it! This is a very general but easy way to describe it)
DONT train inside with a lot of clothes on…..it just makes the trainingsession strange, and you loose quality in the training. Better to take 5 wet towels, throw them in the dryer, let the air go into the room, and then a 2 hour steady ride on your turbotrainer in the room.

Attention: When heat training, don’t forget the energy, elektrolytes and water. Use it just like in race. Let your body get used to those amounts.

DO 2 = During the flight, that is looooong, remember comfortable easy+warm clothes, compression socks (for the swelling during the long flight), C-vitamin to boost your immunesystem, and drink lots of water, as the dry cabinair can irritate your nose/throat.
Bring own healthy food, many flight companys serve ok food, but some serve really shi…..
DONT = stress yourself in training and forget the sleep in the 48 hours up to your flight. Your immunesystem needs to be up, when you travel because of the contact with many people, foods ect ect

DO 3 = KEEP your eating times, meaning that if you eat your meals like at 7, and 13 and 18, try to keep them same when you arrive to Kona. Your body adapts the time difference faster. And do go to see the sunrise and sunset, the clock inside of you, will adapt faster to the timediff, when you do this…..no kidding, the nature rules!
DONT = STRESS about it, you will adapt, and just get up 3-4 in the night, when you are sure you cannot sleep anymore, 1 hour at the time, you will adjust.

DO 4 = train light the first days on the Island. Remember, you have done what you have done, it is not the last 2 weeks that will make you the champ.
DONt =  push your training the first couple of days after arrival. Your body needs to adapt to the timediff and heat, and you need to get the water ect out of your system, before your body will work normally. Give it time….So, take it easy…

DO 5 = get a massage or 2 to help your body get over the flight and relax the muscle
DONT = get a russian 140kg ex-wrestler to to it, and go deeeeeeepppppp, nice and easy ;-)

So see you in Kona…soon!

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