Kona update part 3

The days are passing, and the race day is getting closer, let me tell you how it goes……

Ready for saturday bike split

Ready for saturday bike split

We already have a good schedule for our days, and the plan is to hit full power on the 10 oct (mabye a little before to be on the good side). Is that easy ???
NO, when you travel 12 hours time difference, sit in flights a lot more than fun is, and go to a place where the sun is burning, the humidity is 80 to 90% and the temp is around 30 every day.
But you know, I think that the aclimatisation is going really good.. We get up early, 5.30 or 6 in the morning for swimming or for other training;; trying to “hit” the race time. So running I try to do around 14-15 in the afternoon. The long runs are over, the rest is tuning.
After the morning training it is time for a good breakfast, following by rest, lunch, swim bathing in the see, and another training in the afternoon.  The dinner we get already latest 18, so when it gets to be 20 o’clock we are ready for a good sleep :-)
I avoid aircondition, as that makes the adjustment to the climate more difficult, and also gives a risk of getting sick.
So the nights are a little hot, but it works.

Ice cooling on Hapuna Beach

Ice cooling on Hapuna Beach

And some training/celebrity- news: On Friday I had a good run of 1.10 hours on the running course, with some speed ups. I felt a bit sleepy in the beginning, but light, could not be better  :-)
I was dropping Frank also, and as he is not in topshape, he is still good fun to drop, because he gets really upset, but very fast is happy on my behalf.
Even more cool was that Natascha Badmann ( 6 time World Champion) was running aginst me, and I had a small chat with her! (we have met some times traning on

Gran Canaries, and spent some time together there) It was good to see her, and she looked good. I hope she will have a good comeback this year, after she suffered a very bad crash here 2 years ago.
Actually I saw her also yesterday on the bike on Queen K, Toni Hasler (her husband and coach) driving in front of  her -on a Harley!!!

Going out to Hawi

Going out to Hawi

Yesterday I made Hawi!!! Hawi is the turning point with a good climb (my Polar was showing 800 meters climb)and a good headwind. I was not too worried about the climb, but the wind, that should be very strong side wind. Well, the wind was headwind, withwind and sidewind… Not too bad for a one living in Denmark, and having been used to ride a bike with the winds. So I feel comfortable even with the wind now. The ride I had, included 1 hour in IM pace, a few other bikedrills, and after a 3 hour ride  I had a very short brick run. And a good training day ended up with 1 hour massage… And my Polar was showing average temp of 30 for the bike.

Push from Hawi

Push from Hawi

This morning we were up already at 5.30 to be in good time out by swimming. This is because now more and more triathletes are filling Kona; lots of trafic, swimmers, tourists, and we wanted to be the first ones in the water, to have maybe possibility to see dolpfins. They have been seen in the water, just we have not been lucky yet, not either this morning :-( .  In the afternoon I will have a small recover ride on my bike, so an easy day, and that is what comes ahead.

It is pretty cool by the way now to hang out a bit after the swim or eat breakfast in Kona, as many PRO triathletes are doing it as well. That is one great thing about Triathlon still, and about Kona, the big stars are sharing the same roads and sea, and you know, even hotels, cause World Champion 2008 Craig Alexander lives with his family just down the hall on our floor in the hotel, and you know, they will enjoy the same suffering on saturday, the just suffer a little less time, so the they get less for the money. :-)

Going back from Hawi

Going back from Hawi

See you out there if you are around :-)


  1. Lone Alstrup

    Hej Kaisa og Frank – looking good in Hawaii – wish I was there!!
    keep up the spirit and have a good run on Saturday. Knus Lone

  2. christina

    uh det ser bare godt ud og varmt! Nu gi´r du den gas lørdag – jeg krydser fingre for dig og har gjort det allerede i flere dage.

  3. Peter Heller

    Hey Champ …..og Frankie…..
    GO GO GO….. tanker fra DK……. løb en tur i dag..og da det gjorde lidt ondt tænkte jeg på hvad du skal igennem lørdag!!!!!!!! så no worries her:-) hvad er tidsforskellen……?


  4. Peter Heller

    check this out……:

    En dag spørger en spastisk lammet søn sin far:
    – “Far, har du lyst til at løbe en maraton med mig?”
    – Og faderen sagde ja.
    Det var begge deres første maraton.

    Senere anden gang, spørger sønnen så:
    “Far, har du lyst til at køre Ironman med mig ? ”
    Ironman er en Triathlon. Det sværeste af alle:

    Og far svarede yden tøven “Ja”
    Det var også her første gang for dem begge

    Der er kun ét ord til at sige: RESPEKT og tænk på denne når det gør ondt derude…..:-)


    Go Kaisa

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