Off Season Blues

So what to do as a triathlete, when the race season is over. The last Ironman was in August or maybe in October on Hawaii. This is a question I get so many times. Even more precise; are you not training at all? for how long? are you sure it is working? and so on. Well here some of my thoughts:


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Cut back in the hours of training and in the intensity of the training. Most probably your season started in January, and if your last race was in October, it was 9 months of hard training. Now your body needs a recover. Not only your body, but also your brain; you need mentally a break. In this way your entire body is ready to rock again when the new year is here…so NOW it is time to relax of programmed training. Do what you feel like, and lay on the couch if you feel like that. This is what I do :-)
For how long is it good to have a break then?
Depending when your planned raceseason is starting… If you are planning to race in May on Lanzarote in full Ironman and you have a good trainingseason behind, it is no problem to keep “off-season” until 1. december, and if you race in 70.3 on Mallorca in May, it is also ok to start the real training in the beginning of January.
But as many of us have so much energy, and we have this feeling of using all this energy somewhere, so use it then to swim technics or the same on bike or run, or jump on the MTB and even you can just do some hiking in the forest :-)

So rest now, relax, and enjoy that, because soon it is over :-)


The important point is, don’t be worried, even you put couple of kg on. It is just NO PROBLEM. You cannot, and you should not keep your race weight all the year around. It is not good for your health, as you need some fat/prot/carbos again when you start  your training season. When you start the training, will you automatically drop in your body weight. So no worries there, and you know it.
What should you eat then?all the unhealthy stuff, that you skipped during the training season? NO, don´t do that and get on the wrong path… Keep your “clean-food -line”, and if you really are for the unhealthy-and-put-weight-on-food, keep the amounts limited, or at least the amounts of days, when you eat them. And drink… ;-)
Like tonight when I was baking a pizza, and the crust with popped amaranths, a healthy pizza, yes, try it, delicious says also the coach :-)
Have some fuc….ing fun, with your friends
and for me that is not to go out and party every saturday……but maybe it is for you ? then do it.
whatever you do, do it for somebody else ……..?
What it mean is, that it is not about you anymore, it is about those that stood up for you, when you needed time for the long bikerides, to rest in the middle of a sunny saturday, or when you again said no to a beer in nice company.
So get of the “unsocial medias” look your list of friends, and start calling to her if there is anything you can help with, or just party ……

and yes, my dear coach and husband call them UNSOCIAL MEDIA´S, and like almost always……….is he right.
so get of this website, shut the computer, and look around you….



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