How was the 6.30 am swim in Cozumel ?

Frank is having a hard time keeping me quiet at the moment.
One big reason is the pool facilitys here.
I walk across the street. Temp. is about 22 already in the morning.
I go in the water, the temp here is warmer, about 25-26
The first colorful fishes come to say good morning :-)

Then the shark attack………Frank is here.
2 rounds of warm-up, then 8×100 full draft-tempo, with 50m easy between, and all the time
on feet-draft. Dont drift in the current, dont get the head up to much, dont……. well…….shark attack :-)
But it works, I am sharp, ready to swim from any sharks…!

leaving the "nature-pool"

leaving the "nature-pool"


Who will win Kona 2010. ??

Frank was following Craig for 10 days in Boulder, doing a photostory that will come out later.
Before we left, i got a chance to do a video with them both together, check it out.