Getting closer to the depart

Departure for my training camp? so where do i go now…? Mallorca? Gran Canaries? No, to Canada!!!!  To Canada’s Rocky Mountains on a trip where I end in Whistler and fly home from Olympic Vancouver.
Now you might ask is it good to ski in march/april, what about the Ironman training?

Getting ready for the season start, how was it last year ??

My first race (a so-called B race for me, wich means i dont tapper for it, but just put a easy trainingweek before it)
It works good for me, it lifts my leves about 7 to 10 days after, giving me the chance to move to next level.
The hard thing about it, is that you are not super timmed, and so you cant go 100% farst, but it´s just to remember that it is early in the season, and to put the timegoal after that.
I went to hannover, for at 1/2 ironman, it was end of may, and it was a cold day in the morning, but turned out fine, as the race went on.
I spent a lot of time on the T1 and T2, beacuse if i would be to cold, my coach could not use the different numbers / splittimes for setting the training up for the rest of the season. I became 7th of 113 women, winning my agegroup. Just over 5 hours, so i was really happy
Here are som impressions from the day.