The Podium in Kona 09, what a good feeling

There was many who told me, that the first time you race in Kona, is a time to learn.
So to reach the podium, to get up there on the awardsevening sunday, is a something you go for when you return to Kona.

But the only thing i love about these”unwritten rules” are that you can brake them. So i really decided to look at the big stars, that had come to Kona, and done well on first shot. They are there. So all i had to do, was to be inspired by them, to belive, and so i did.

I think that if you race, you do you traning, you prepere, you do all you can, and the just enjoy the race, the days up the the race, and all that comes after are a part of it. You feel so alive, and it is just a good feeling the whole thing. Here is a small home video, i hope you can get some of the feeling, cause it was a beautifull end to the whole kona-adventure for 2009, a good memory.