Sunday training

I got my new bike from Scott; its cool, its looking good, its fast, and I am faster than ever:-) Bike is Scott Plasma LTD, beautiful, and rolling really smoothly on my rides.

Tappering and Hannover

As much as I enjoy the days with the hard training, as much I like the days, when I am doing the tappering. Specially like now, when it is a late spring, weather is beautifull, I can plant flowers, fix a bit in home, enjoy the sun, spend some time with the friends. All this I miss when training hard, but again, when tappering I start pretty soon to miss the hard training:-) What to learn: enjoy every moment in your life in your day, the presence, dont look continuously how something could be. You never know when it is too late, I got cancer twice,I never forget it…

“You are what you eat”

This is something you might here lots of times, in Ironman this is the only way to keep control; you have to eat well to be able to train all those amounts and keep your weight under control. It might sound strange that even a person trains all that amount, he has to look after the food and amount what he is eating, not to gain weihgt, but yes, this is how it functions.