Congratulations for you, you are an Ironman… Do’s and don’t’s for the first 3 weeks after your race!

You might be the one, who just got done your this season’s race A,  and got to be an Ironman. Fantastic! Congratulations with all the hard work and training you did. You were on the startline, free of injurys, you did it! Now it is time for a recover! As it is not when you get an injury, that it came, your body starts the building for it  NOW :-(

I am still training for my season race A... Happy training :-)

I am still training for my season race A… Happy training :-)

Too much artificial sugar?

Are you tired in using all the  sugar that you normally intake during your training? as it  is very fast sugar, and normally stuffed with different artificial flavors and colors.
Unfortunately…but this is what endurance nutrition industry is a lot about: sportsdrinks and gels, and energybars. The fact is, that we need this fast sugar in our training, but is there another choice?