Motivation, where are you?

Oh yes and yes, for many triathletes it always looks like in February/March that the winter is endless. This is specially in our northern hemisphere ;-) How to find motivation for the countless inside turbotraining sessions or treadmill sessions? It is just like ” I want to get out to ride” again and again… and then it starts to snow…

Fly down to nice weather like Mallorca can be in February :-)

Fly down to nice weather like Mallorca can be in February :-)

Super Julegave = BikeFit Gavekort !    elsker at gøre godt for vores kunder, så vi har lavet 20 gavekort, som sælges først-til-mølle
– vi sælger dem til en  “lidt-hjælp-til-dit-totale-gave-budget-pris” på 2000 dkr.
– du kan læse mere om dette bikefit og resultaterne af Frank´s bikefits, på Bikefitdanmark
– disse gavekort sælges udelukkende frem til 24 dec til denne pris  ho-ho-hooooo
– disse 20 gavekort, skal bruges i Jan eller Feb 2014
(ledige bikefit tider lægges op i bookingkalenderen lige efter juleaften)

skriv til kaisa på :

og få den gave, som den der elsker at cykle, elsker at få





Off Season Blues

So what to do as a triathlete, when the race season is over. The last Ironman was in August or maybe in October on Hawaii. This is a question I get so many times. Even more precise; are you not training at all? for how long? are you sure it is working? and so on. Well here some of my thoughts:


Organic Food Bar-nuts and dry fruits-delicious-for offseason and for training, try!

Kona pre-race 5 do’s and 5 dont’s

To race in Kona is not just like racing where ever else place in the world. To race in Kona is something else… Why? Some of the points I would say are: time difference to your home,  the heat and humidity of the air,  the wind (that is not just head – or tailwind, but can be all of it), your energy and liquid needs because of that, and all other really good athletes PRO and amateurs competing with you. BUT most of all, it is in the middle of the pacific, and that is a challenge for us Nordic people, so here are my


tuff energy lab climb

tuff energy lab climb