Race season is approaching

Here is a top 10 from me to you, towards a good raceday.

Race season is getting closer

1. Never use new equipment on race day. Your equipment is a part of you, be a friend with it, a friend you know already.
2. Understand that mental stress takes a lot of energy. Conserve it by planing ahead and doing som good meditation.
3. Check the weatherforcast, and ask locals. Over/underdressing is not good.
Heating up or getting cold is really bad I think, so do all you can to prevent this by having good equipment and a flexible race/dress plan.
4. Let it flow. Dont judge every moment like good or bad, let your mind focus on good feelings and driving you forward.
Can you change something to the better ? Then change.  If not,  then let it go.
5. Dont freak out on the first 300m of the swim. (unless you are a pro trying to stay in a back)
Going all out, and blowing out all the tension is not good. You burn to much good sugar to fast, and you body will remember this the rest of the day, maybe doing all kinds of bad stomachthings later in the race.
6. Just drink a little in the beginning of you bikepart. Dont eay, dont drink big amounts to farst. Then slowly start your dinner after 15-20 min.
7. Keep you energy-intake good. Test it in training or B-races (less important races). Go for something like 30 to 60 gram of carbohydrates per hour.
8. Stay wet !!! Inside that is. In average, our stomach can absorb about 0,7 L of water per hour. The more sugar you have in your drink, the longer the trip from the stomach out to you vital parts take. If you have water jumping around in you stomach, you are drinking to fast or to much or the thick a mix, or a bit of all.
Again, test it before your important race, so you know how to do.
9. Belive in yourself. Find a race that fits you, do the traning, and the on race day, belive. Go find your hero, by looking in your mirror !!
10. Have fun and enjoy. You are there by free choise, for a reason, for something that is important to you.
Now is the moment, all you have trained for, so decide to go all out, and smile all the way. Make it a day to remember.

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