Sunday training

I got my new bike from Scott; its cool, its looking good, its fast, and I am faster than ever:-) Bike is Scott Plasma LTD, beautiful, and rolling really smoothly on my rides.
Today I had a good bike to Bløvstrød, Kettinge rounds, and I made my personal best -again- in a round, and after a 45 min of bike run, with half Ironman tempo, so I feel great to go for my first race in Hannover! I try to put a photo of my new bike to the sides:-)
It is a lazy sunday else, just a bit of core training in the afternoon, but else -just relax and enjoy the nice weather!!! Remember: it is just fine sometimes just to be without doing anything; even sometimes you can get this quilty feeling if you just relax, NO -IT IS OK, tomorrow you can “work” again!

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