Tapper time

It is more or less a week to go for my first race of the year: Mallorca 70.3 will be on Saturday 12th May, and I am tappering = training less,  before the crunching time. Tapper is important part of racing, so if you make it well, you have a better race. But how to tapper correct, and what should you remember when tappering?

Mallorca 70.3 Saturday 12th May


It can be quite tricky to tapper exactly right and have the best possible raceday, but it can be done, many times though by trying and learning. For one fits 14 days tapper better than 7 days, and other way around. I always want to have as short tapper as possible, because I don’t like the tapper time… because I like and love training too much… but my coach is clever enough to push me to do it well and I really work a lot mentally while tappering…
We have tried different kind of tappers: short, long, with short intensive sessions etc. and finally ended up with around 10 days tapper for half Ironman distance. That seems to do wonders for my performance on a raceday

one of my last "push"ride sessions before the race on Saturday :-)

What is good to think about when tappering:
– sleep when you feel yourself tired: be fresh when raceday is there
– don’t overeat: it is important to carboload, but enough is enough; don’t put the kilos on that you lost before the race to be light on the raceday
– in general start to feel more fresh day by day as the race day is closer, like having a bit more energy day after day in your body
– don’t make yourself tired in training; train short sessions
– eat good food, lots of antioxidants, that gives you a lot of energy, not only for your body, but also for your mind
– enjoy your time with your family/good friends, now when you have time
– hang around, but don’t hang too much… don’t make your body tired
– reduce your training volume by 25% the last 2-3 weeks, try this and next time make it shorter, if it did not work
– be happy: soon is the crunching time -again -race well -race smart!! See you on Mallorca!!!???

smiling even still tough


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