The day before 70.3

Time to rock’n roll again, this time I will race in 70.3 up in Ålborg, northern part of Denmark. Me, together with around 700 other danish triathletes, who are racing to reach the top spot on the podium. So it is danish championships in the distance, half Ironman

Swim is done in a “kridtgrav”, well don’t know how to translate, but it is like a lake, and beautiful one, deep and small, and the water temperature is just perfect for the wetsuit swim.

I just love it!

I just love it!

Bike ride is a 2 loop course in the beautiful, mostly flat countryside up by Ålborg. So meaning that just down on the steer and push your pedals. Weather forecast is promising 25 degrees and light breeze, so could not be better for me in the orange Fusion trisuit and my orange POC helmet :-)

And the run part is ran by the Limfjorden, a “fjord”=river running through the town, just beautiful, and fast with my Brooks PureCandence:-)

So come a hep hep for all the triathletes, if you are around in Northern part of Denmark now. It will be a nice before -noon-happening- if-you-are-on-holiday, or if you just like to hep for participants.
and yes, I am all ready…..last race, before I will start to hide away, before I start to put my mind and training towards Kona.
In my AG there will be some really good persons, so it will be a good race, and I will enjoy, give it all, and no matter what result, it will be a good day.
See you on the route… Keep the thumbs up for the podium spot ;-)


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