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New times new bikes… so my bike today is the Speed Concept from TREK, and of course customized with a pink color :-) Check here a shoot from Hawaii 2011!

My Speed Concept :-)







Scott was my bike in 2009…

here it is, the scott plasma 2009
here it is, the scott plasma 2009










31st of May; It is true, Scott is my bike

2 weeks ago I got finally my new Scott Plasma, this time LTD model, wau it is great!!! And the most important it is fast!!! I feel I sit better on this one than on the old one. And like Frank says; I think this is just A BIKE for you.
I just came from Kettinge, from training, and I did my personal best -again!!!
I simply ride faster on this bike.
We have done a fitting, where i am 2 cm lover with my head, and my arms are 2 cm closer together.
The last fit, i have to see on Hannover 1/2 ironman, because there is a risk, that it will limit my oxygenuptake, but until now, it dosent seem to do any harm. So 2 big aero-improvements, and more speed at the same effort, life is good.

1st of April; Scott, i am upgrading for the 2009 season.
I have been using Scott for the last years, they are one of the companys, that very early made an effort to build carbonbikes, but to build them really good.
On carbon there is a big differenc in the quality, and you might have seen, SCOTT always comes out good in the tests.
So i am happy, but specially, because i have orderd the new plasma time trial bike, and because it has many improvements from the 2008 model.
I hope to get it before my race in Hannover, i will let you know.

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  1. Peter Heller

    Hey K.

    Der var en klog mand der engang sagde til mig: “hvis du mangler lidt motivation eller vil rose dig selv og opnåelsen/indfrielsen af dine mål, så gå ud og køb noget udstyr!!!!” guess who….:-)

    Anyways, var jo forbi jeres hytte og så ‘alle’ dine ‘indkøb’……og dit seneste ‘legetøj/våben’….en tung sag!!! men vel også årsagen til dit flotte resultat i Hanover, eller hur?

    og vi ses jo snart i Parken til 50 boybandet Depeche Mode….så drikker vi os i hegnet med kildevæld?????



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