2009 Results:
I placed top 10 in Hannover 1/2 Ironman
in maj, in the total results. My time was 5.02.39, on a course that has 2,0 km swim and  a long T1.
Very happy with this, and it gave me a good kick for the months to come.

I won my age-group by over 1/2 hour on the Danish Championchip 1/2 Ironman distance, in august.
It was a great day, i had prepered well, as i wanted to win. I came second of all women in the agegroup-field, and top 10 of all Women.
Finally, i was DK champion.

I was no 5 in 45-49 agegroup , at Ford Ironman World Championship, Kona, Hawaii 2009.
They take 5 on the podium at the awards, so that became my goal.
When you race against so many good women, that all have qualified from other Ironmanraces around the world, you must be strong, lucky and humble.
So i am very happy and proud, to reach top 5 , in a good year, cause living in Denmark, and having a full-time job, makes the odds hard to reach this goal.
I made it, the end of a perfect 2009.

On the podium in my first race in Kona, i was so proud.

21 marts 2009              Here is my grand 2009 plan.

1/2 Ironman , Hannover, Germany  7 june 2009.
Its a B-race for me = its all about testing where the form is, and what I should work on for the rest of the season.
On a day with normal weather I plan to go for a  sub 5.00

On the bike

On the bike

1/2 Ironman , Juelsminde, Jutland, Denmark  9 august 2009.
It is the Danish championship, so I will go for it, but I still keep it as a trainingrace for Hawaii.
I find it to close for peaking on both, and I dont want to tapper (rest and trim the form for peak day) to much, because it takes to much good traning away from the real fokus = Hawaii.

1/1  Ironman Kona, Big Island , Hawaii. 10 okt 2009 .
Ford Ironman world championship, the main race of the season, and this is the Big one.
This is where it all happens, this is where the top of triathlon is batteling it out.
This is what 2009 is all about for me. Every day, every moment.

I still keep an open eye for the short races in Denmark, they are good fun and you meet a lot of good tri-people there.

I will properly also swim some of the “open water” races around in Denmark. They are good training for the tuff conditions that waits in Kona, a swim known for a tuff fight all the way.

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