2011 is gone, and what a great year!

Abu Dhabi International Triathlon
long distance
1st place /agegroup 45-49
It was a superwin, a good setoff for the season to come, and a great trip to a world I didn’t know.

Tristar 111 Mallorca
became sick the day before, and Frank pulled me out on racemorning. I was so sad to pick up my bike, and go home. Was it right …..yes. But i was so sad.

Ironman 70.3 Mallorca, Alcudia
3rd……and so i got beaten. I didn’t like that. So i am going back in 2012, and then they better wach out !

I Form womentri, short distance.
a fun day and just a workout race for me. One of the officials told me that I became number 5 or 6 in total, so I packed up and went home. 30 min later one of my sponsors called me on the phone and asked where I was …
I was called up to my 3rd place overall……..what a f……ing fool the official was.
I hate when people dont come to the awards just because the dont win, and I hated that some might think that I was one to do like that. I ended up sending tons of e-mails around to say I was sorry….hmmmmm

Danish Championship OL distance
1st place, and I was happy again. I dont race so much in Denmark even I live there, so when I do, I really want to do well, because I want to give all into the TRI-WORLD of dk, when I can.
It was a good day, but………I do like it better when the race is longer.

From here on I would normally start to focus totally on Kona, but I was so lucky to be asked to be an ambassador, for at cancerfounding project in Denmark. I was in, and in the end of august we took some very nice people up the famous Alpe´Huez climb. A great project and a great day.

Kona 2011
I came to win, the big dream !!
I knew it would be hard, and so my second goal was to get on that stage, and to get that podium in Kona again.
Is it good to have a second goal ?? why not just to go all in ???
Well i got to be nr 5, and I got on that podium again, and I was so proud and happy.
My dream lives on, but the dream is only a win. The road against it, the life I have, trying to reach it, and all the good people I meet, the travels………well, I need to stop here, but a final word on 2011.

2 times in Kona, 2 times on the podium at the awards
I have something to have my dream in, and I will be back :-)

2011 was great.






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