Well I had a plan for 2012, but the plans are not always going like you want to. You never know what tomorrow will bring.
This happened to me in 2012.
During the winter 2011-12 my plantar fascitis in one of the feet started to irritate me, and that was the reason, why I had to drop off from the 70.3 on Mallorca. The foot just could not carry the press in the run.
During the involuntary running break, in the end of June, I was unlucky and I got driven over by a car on Lanzarote, during my training camp. The result: 21 stiches on my gluteus and broken wrist, and a mental dig down…! My involuntary break was continuing until the beginning of september, where we head to USA; Colorado and Boulder. My goal was to  start the training slowly building up to hard training and after couple of weeks in Boulder, followed by Hawaii, I was ready to race IM Florida. And finally this year I could prove again that I have what it needs… I have the will, I had built my condition up again, and I had the motivation to go and break my PR in IM and get qualified to Hawaii, Kona again. I raced in AG 45-49, broke my record and ended up with 10.16, was second, and will be racing in Kona in the AG 50-54 in october 2013.
So, I did what my goal was for 2012, qualification to  Kona. Sometimes the way is not so easy, as you want it to be. Then you have to fight… and have the will :-)

My plan is to have 2 main races in 2012; the first one in Germany, Roth in July, and the second in Florida in November. The goal is to get under 10 hours in Roth, and in Florida I need to qualify for the World Championships in Kona again in 2013.
In 2012 I would also race 70.3 on Mallorca  and try to race for the slot to Las Vegas, World Champs. If I dont make it on Mallorca, I might try to do it in Switzerland, Zürich afterwards, or in Italy, Pescara in June

More that the 70.3 and 2 Ironmans, I will ofcourse try to race in Denmark in Danish Championships, as soon as I know the distances, as well as some shorter mintriathlons.

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