Maybe late but the most important is that the update around my raceplan for the summer/year 2014 is here now :-) Better late than never…

Like last year, I started my season on Mallorca-Alcudia, on our NextLevelCamp, guiding and training with our customers;  triathletes and bicyclists.
To have the possibility to run a training camp, and at the same time do “kind-of-my-own” training is a fantastic combination…like living in a dream, specially because the concept we work under, attracts a lot of really great people, that really wants to train good.
Even this, it is not always the training I would normally do all the spring,  but lots of base training, as the first priority was to do a  training program for the NLC customers, and after that came my own training.
Actually this is one reason why I decided to let the amount of training get absorbed into the body and start the racing season later…

But there is also another reason that I decided to postpone the start of my race season. This is the problem that I have been fighting with on and off since I got run down by a car on Lanzarote 2 years ago, fuc……ing driver I still say !
I had rehapped and it was working well last summer, I had it in control. But last autumn, 2 weeks before Kona race, which  ended up actually to be a nightmare, and not a dream-to-come-through, because of this gluteus-hamstring problem.
My big dream and goal to get on the podium, did not go like that, but I ended to get a 7th place.
Unfortunately… Not what I had been training for and looking forward to.
So all this is one reason for me to decide with my coach that NO RACING before the body is in the condition to take it, so that means, no pain or problems in training…..at all.
“All-out” is not the solution, when your body says stop.
This has worked well, and the last 6 weeks it starts to pay off, and all starts to fall into place again, I am really happy.
So at the moment my plan is looking like this:

This is how the plans are made :-)

This is how the plans are made :-)

World Championchips in 4-120-30 Weihai China 21. september,
I was so proud to win this race in 2014, that I want to try to defend my titel  as a world champion in AG 50-54.
Challenge Bahrain, 6. december, 1/2 distance, 1.9-90-21.1
This is a great new race, and I have done the race in Abu Dhabi some years ago, and would love to go back to this part of the world.

So this it is… looking forward racing soon :-)

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