About Triathlon

“Ironman”, the only races ?????
No, absolute not. The distance is the ultimate in my eyes, but you dont have to go for the brand “Ironman”.
When i started, the big Ironman race in Roth was also a part of what today is looked af the Ironman league.
Today they represent the “Challange series”, and who knows, they might get the structure together, so they can say that they have the EuropeChampion ?
There is also SOME new companys, like Tri Star, that has made a good concept, where you race 2-200-30 or 1-100-10, and that is nice, that they make a new idea.
Then there is  a big race in Abu-Dhabi, on 3km sWim, 200 bike and 20 run.
That is not so special, BUT the pricemoney is. Even an agegroupwinner gets 1000 usd, I was looking hard on that one, but in april my bikeshape is not strong enough for the 200 km.
When that is said, the “Ironman” company, has been really smart, and has made the extra dimension, the dream to race in Kona, to race against the best, and to really measure yourself, in a race that can take all out of you.
But it is a long way to Kona, both to qualify and to actually get there, so keep your eyes up for all the fantastic races there is around the world, and the best to race against “will always be yourself”, that is where the true personal developement is.
So just go for it, and dont get totally closed on the “Ironman” races, but do get wild about the distance, that is the core of it all.


Why do I go for the full Ironman  ??
there are different distances in Triathlon, the one I am mostly heading to is the full distance Ironman, 3,8 k swimming, 180 k cykling, 42 k running.
I have some half distance races during the summer, but normally my main race is a full Ironman.
Why then the full distance ??
I like when the challange is big. Like Kennedy said when USA was going to put a man into the moon :
“we are not doing this because it is easy, we do it because it is difficult”.
The more difficult it is, the prouder I am when I cross the line, and the more inspired I am in my training. And then there is the raceday, the race itself.
There is just something special about these days, where you have to dig really deep. You reach so deep, that all emotions come so strong in some moments,
and these moments add up to a day, that burns on to your soul, and becomes a part of you forever.
Do you know the times you think of things, or days, or persons or just moments that are really special to you: Your eyes get wet, you smile, and you get this feeling of happiness, true happiness for just that moment.
All my Ironmanraces give me moments like this, they are with me and a part of me always, and this is one of the big reasons I do it, it just feels right.

Wikipedia is writing:
A triathlon is a multi-sport endurance event consisting of swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances. Triathletes compete for fastest overall course completion time, including timed “transitions” between the individual swim, bike, and run components.
Transition areas are positioned both between the swim and bike segments (T1), and the bike and run segments (T2), and are often just one checkpoint, especially in shorter courses. These areas are used to store bicycles, performance apparel, and any other accessories essential for preparing and gearing for the next stage of the race. In addition, these areas provide a social headquarters prior to the race, and are an integral part of triathlete culture.
The demanding nature of the sport focuses primarily on persistent and often periodized training in each of the three disciplines, as well as combination workouts and general strength conditioning to ensure the highest levels of endurance, strength, and power possible come race day. Proficiency in swimming, cycling, and running alone is often not sufficient for success in triathlon.

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