The Mental Game

“You must give your fear a name, before you can overcome it”  Yoda, from Star Wars.
And he is a wise man. Spend some time feeling what makes you unsteady, what brings tension in you.
Then define it, write down what it is, and then …….. think of the action that can overcome this feeling, to neautralize it.

Am I really an Iron Woman: yes I am

My friend came by yesterday afternoon to ask for a run. I had just come home from the work, and had a small “nap”. “Were you sleeping” he asked bit ironically? I admited, and actually found out while aswering to him, that there is some Iron in me. I said: ” You know; as I woke up this morning 5.30 to go for 4 k swimming training, directly to work, and having a busy day in the office, returning at 16.30 to go for a tempo run, yes I was a bit tired. Not only because of today, but since Monday evening I was in Finland on business, and normally when on business, I unfortunately dont get enough sleep , because sleeping nervously, and had also some early morning training. Here we see againg the balance in between training, sleeping, working is very important. When you find that you are an IronWoman!!!!

Febuary 2009
The first win of the season !!!
My base  program, has had a long run on sunday for the last 3 weeks. And guess what,
the weather wanted to test me.
1st sunday
= 1.45 h run, 0 degrees, soft ground in the forrest, and a good wind and some falling snow/slush  in the middle of the run.
2nd sunday = 2.00 h run, 3 degrees, grey sky, wind and the it started to rain after 30 min. Really rain. And it did not stop.
3rd sunday = 2.15 h run, -1 degree, grey and hard wind.

Call me strange:-), but I am so happy, that I got a test already in the start of my 8 months training for Kona, specially because I passed the test.
I could have cut the run every time, just 15 min shorter, just of the wind, just get home and get warm, just to get my appartment to shelter for the puring rain.
But I belive that it is all the small choises add up, and the choise is like 2 doors, you chose wich one you walk through, and it will close behind you. And then you move forward.
So I try to make the right choise, sometimes doing triathlon, makes the choise a little hard just in the moment, but…… it all ads up, all the small ones become big, and I have a plan to go big, so the choise is easy, I know which door to walk through.  Good luck with your choise, big or small.

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