The Food

As much as I love the training, I love food :-) Well maybe it is better to say, that these 2 hang very closely together, like a car with gasoline. Without food, you will just have bad training experiences, and the training will give you good opportunities to eat well and a balanced diet. This is something we also tell to our athletes, food is just one part of the package, it is not just training our concept is about, but the whole thing, like training, food, sleep, restitution etc. etc.
This year I have been very happy that I have been able to help some PRO triathletes to even better results with a better diet. Here I mean specially Michelle Vesterby and Jens Petersen Bach , and wauh what a season Michelle had, and what a come back Jens he had, congratulations for you both!


The Everyday Food
The Training Food
The Race Food

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