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For me to improve my running, it has been important to have Garmin GPS. I have the last years been running with pace, changing it  during my runs, and this has been a keypoint in my running training. Even so much, that I feel it difficult to go for a run without a pace.

The weekly long run.
Here is what I do from time to time, on my weekly long run. It is a key workout, so I prepare for it, and make sure nothing comes in the way of it.
– finish faster than i start. If I run 20 k, I try to run the last 10 k 5-10% faster than the first, this gives good endurance.
– Frekvens. 3×10 min of really fast moving legs. Not longer steps, just moving them faster, so fast that I really feel it. Keyword Pose… Ask for more if you don’t know what it means
– hills, a circuit run, with many hills. This one really builds strenght.
– Form, if I run longer than 20 k, I always have focus on my posture and form for the rest of the run. To stay good, and to avoid getting injuries, the secret for this is TRX or other kind of core training!
– Energyintake. I train different products and tactics here.
have fun, go for the Keyworkout, Kaisa.

Going for the marathon ? do you need to run Interval ??
It is a simple as that. I see so many programs, and they all have : 1 normal run of 30-60 min, 1 interval run session and 1 long run.
If  you ar going for your first marathon, and the plan is to go for 3.40 to 5.00 hours, then you dont need Intervall traning.
It is better to keep running a littel longer week by week, the the speed will follow.
Interval is for runners, that know their limits, and has a good runnningstyle.
Running fast is good, really good, the flipside of the coin, is that it puts your risk of getting a runningdamage really high.  Why ?
Interval makes you stride much harder and take longer steps, landing akward and putting a stress on your joints and knees, in a unnormal way. All this puts you in risk of damage.
Further the recover time from a run, where you reach you maximumpuls, is about 2 times the recovertime of a normal good steady run. (depends of the food, rest ect you do after also)
The most important when you want to run long, is to have a steady buildup over a long period (2-3 months)
When you have been running 3 times a week for 6-7 weeks, you are beginning to feel so good, and are so proud, that you want to prove, that you are better than ever, = faster.
Stay cool here.
It is ok you go and do you PB run (personal best). It is good for confidence, and you see that you are on the right way.
But when you do, have all fokus on, that you increase you speed by moving you legs faster !! not longer strides. This means that you will land the same way, use same mucles, just pushing your heart and all inside your body.
Is this intervall ? not really. Just run normal for the first 10 ´min of your normal run, and the increse the speed by 10-20 %, never pushing so hard, that you cannot go on for 10-15 min more.
You will put at PB on your running rute, be happy, and not having the risk of runningdamage, and thereby a break in your runprogram.
Running each week 3-4 times, with always 1 long rund that you keep making longer and longer up to 21-28 k, that is the key for your first marathon. The speed will follow.     Keep it safe, Kaisa.
21st of April; Ironman training, Do you get it done ???
What else can you do at 6 o’clock in the morning, when you are on business trip in Helsinki, than go for a running training. This is what I did. Woke up at 5.45 and got my running clothes on. Got a High5 energibar and of it went! 2 hours, and my training from the day was done, to be ready for the business:-)
So my point is, plan ahead, be realistic, allow yourself to take time for the training (like going to bed in time the day before, and just have 1 glas of wine) and dont put your training late in the day, cause many other things might take more time. Have fun.
12th of April; my focus in running this year.
We agreed in the beginning of the training season, that the most fokus would be put on a run this year; not just having lots of hours and km, but also looking at the tecnics, and specially the frekvens in the legs when running. So the winter went with having frekvens drills, once a week long run (up to 25 k), and generally the amount changing in between 4-7 hours, meaning up to 70 km in a week.
The training has gone well, no injuries, and I really feel that it starts to happen something:-) Soon it is time to get tempo training with.
Yesterday morning I had my best run of the season in “Dyrehaven”: it was a quiet saturday morning, blue sky and no wind. I ran 16 km in around 4.45 min/km tempo. It is a good time for me in the end of the basis period:-)

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