The Swim

 Some tips/rools in how to behave when swimming in the pool
Sometimes I can get a bit mad of swimmers, that behave in the pool like “they were owners of the pool”. Like this morning; passing by on a narrow lane, and swimming 3 next to each others, or at turning point passing by.
So when you are in the crowded pool, trying to do your swimming training and enjoying of your time, remember following dos and donts:
–  choose the lane, where it looks like the speed is like yours
–  dont pass by a swimmer, if someone is swimming against you, and the lane is narrow
–  dont pass by in the turning point from the left
–  dont act like you own the pool
–  give space for the others to swim
–  keep other swimmers under the control, so yu know what is going on
And enjoy your swimming training!

Swimming lesson
I have been using Lasse, a x- coach for Gentofte Swimming Club, sometimes to help me in the swimming techniques, that I don’t find so easy as not an ex swimmer :-(  In 1 hour he can point out more tips for me than anyone have done during the last year. He gives me some technic tricks to train with and concentrate in when I am doing my swimming training for the next month. Cool, there is still a chance for me to get a better swimmer:-)

If you are an A person, get your training done in early hours:-)
Swimming is in my opinion the one of these 3 species requirering technic training. One day you have a good day in the pool, and the other day you can feel that you never were swimming. Well, year by year, I have got better, but there is still potential to get better.
I like swimming. My training mostly is done in the early morning hours, before going to work. This is no problem for me as an A person. I get even more fresh when jumping  into the fresh water. But it might be, that the early morning hours not always are the time, when you can get the most effective training done. The body is still a bit in sleep… Anyhow during the winter I was focusing a lot into the tecnics, as well have tried to swim 1 extratime in a week compared to last year. I feel this has been helping so far.  We will see what more is in the plans…

But hey… remember the energy when swimming… Maxim tastes good :-)


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