Sunday training

I got my new bike from Scott; its cool, its looking good, its fast, and I am faster than ever:-) Bike is Scott Plasma LTD, beautiful, and rolling really smoothly on my rides.

Tappering and Hannover

As much as I enjoy the days with the hard training, as much I like the days, when I am doing the tappering. Specially like now, when it is a late spring, weather is beautifull, I can plant flowers, fix a bit in home, enjoy the sun, spend some time with the friends. All this I miss when training hard, but again, when tappering I start pretty soon to miss the hard training:-) What to learn: enjoy every moment in your life in your day, the presence, dont look continuously how something could be. You never know when it is too late, I got cancer twice,I never forget it…

“You are what you eat”

This is something you might here lots of times, in Ironman this is the only way to keep control; you have to eat well to be able to train all those amounts and keep your weight under control. It might sound strange that even a person trains all that amount, he has to look after the food and amount what he is eating, not to gain weihgt, but yes, this is how it functions.


On Garn Canarie you find super mountains for biking.

On Garn Canarie you find super mountains for biking.

the 2009 season is on.
the 2009 season is on.
open water swims in begining of april, Gran Canarie is great.
open water swims in begining of april, Gran Canarie is great.

First traningcamp, and Gran Canaria, Spain was again right for good weather, shorts and 1 shirt all day biking in the mountains.

no west, just 25 degrees and blue sky, i love it.

no west, just 25 degrees and blue sky, i love it.

We stayed between Puerto Rico and Puerto Morgan, in a quiet place, and on Sunprime, a hotelconcept from Mytravel i Denmark.
It is just for couples, no childrenpool, and nice restaurent, spa department and right by the sea, it was great, just right when all you do is train, relax, eat and enjoy.
Fokus was on building the first level of strenght on the bike, and endurance.
So long trips in the mountains was the program.
My puls is up to 140 on these trips, and many times i have different drills to do on the ride, all building on strenght and bikeskills.
Fast pedal is one.
100 to 120 rpm and fokus on pushing AND pulling in the pedalstroke.
HD is another  (we call it heavy duty, cause that is what it is)
3×20 min. of heavy gear, and 50-60 rpm.
It get´s pretty heavy by the 3rd session, but it works, and i like to do workouts that i know works for me.
Stand is one (but this one i am not so happy about)
It is just so had.
3×10 min standing. Well, try it, it builds good strenght, but it can really be hard.

I also did my first openwater swim´s of 2009.
The warm water around the Canarie Island´s, are just good for this.
Just outside the hotel, i could go for good swims, and i love to go for at good swim in the morning, before the breakfast, so i did.

It was a good traningweek, a good start, that will be a good part of the base for the 2009 season.