Don’t go crazy with your weight…

Many might say, that I am too skinny, or I look fit or ….. or what ever.

kaisa & bike kona


The only thing that I say is: you are what you feel, and so it is.
You feel that you are ready, by having a light feeling in your running, or climbing faster on the hills when riding.
You may not……go so low in weight, that you start to loose the power / watt, on the bike, specially not for Kona, because here you need to push…..and push.
We are now 10 days from Kona, and for you who will race here I say:
you must be now what you are now, no quick fixes anymore , not 10 days before the race.
I often read “expert advice” in magazines and on the web. Carboload, fatload, no caffein etc. etc. Just remember, all these experts never tell you when the athlete they put on this diet, did’t have a good race.
My point….unless you know what you are doing, tried it in a trainingsession, or have an expert to advice you that you trust,
go with what you know !  It got you  here, it will get you to the finish line just fine !

Remember that after a long flight, it takes around  2 days to get the body back into “normal”. Your body will accumulate water and you might feel it like a small increasing of your weight, and swallowed  legs, arms etc. Don’t go to the weight and go crazy… It is too late now to loose any weight. Don’t get nervous, eat and drink well and healthy; get lots of water in the heat, a bit more salt than you would normally, lots of local fruits like pineapple, papaya, bananas, and veggies.
You are what you are now… stay focused… 10 days to go!

I have the last 15 years been training triathlon, and more or less always been an active sportswoman. I have also education in sports, a master degree in Sports Science. More than that I was always interested in nutrition also (and am Sportsnutrition consult), and today I am advising some of world’s best triathletes. Nutrition is one of the important aspects thinking about the Ironman distance triathlons. So here we go…are you in your race weight now? I am sure that I am :-)

And last thing I want to say: remember…have fun&enjoy, you are on Hawaii!!

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