How to avoid getting sick in Off season

There are no excuses of not going out for training because of the boring grey, coldish and rainy weather, you can always put your “rain clothes” on and go for a run or ride… just a short one is also ok… put some good clothes on, and don’t get cold and risk of getting sick… Without my Fusion Zero Degree clothes on the mountainbike, I would not manage ;-)
This I ment as advice more than commercial ! So try this one, or anything like it.

But hey, it is not just cold that makes you sick, it is the virus and the bacterias that attack your body, and if your body is responding well to these guys, you will get sick.
Responding well… I mean that if your immune resistance is low; because of many hours of training (hey it is off season, so easy easy!) or because of low energy intake – as if you don’t get enough carbohydrates and your energylevels in your body are low, you system does not have anything to fight with, and the bacterias have direct access into your system, watch out!
– Then there is the vitamin C, the “keeping-the-sicknesses-away-vitamin”. Take 1 gr a day as a tablet that you solve in the water,  do this a period, keep a break, and do it again, and remember to feed yourself with C vitamin rich greens and fruits
–  And then, it starts to be a period of Christmas party s, remember your sleep anyway, if not just for that night, then other nights, at least 8 hours a night, else your immune system is not strong enough
–  And keep yourself warm, if you go around and freeze constantly, your body is again inviting all the bacterias welcome
– Christmas shopping…and all the crowds… Many of us don’t like to be sick, this is why it is normal that we go to work or go for shopping or movies etc. etc. even we have caught cold. So watch out when you go around in the crowds, keep your immune system strong, so that you survive the autumn without the boring sicknesses
– many of us also take the car to get to the forest to do the run or MTB.
This is great. Best to take a dry shirt with, for the ride home in the cold car, and…..dont hang around talking too long, that is nr 2 advice on this one.
But the forest is just so great, to keep us away from the wind and let us get close to the nature when training. Just good.

And see you on the roads and in the forest :-)




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