In Boulder …

The days are passing quickly here in Boulder, with some great training, photographing and chatting with some marvellous people, and trying to discover if the town is what they all say, mecca for triathletes

Lets see… they say, that Boulder is one of the best places in the world to train for a long course triathlon, and do some basis training as well as prepare for Hawaii. We wanted to see this, and were very eager in the beginning to see, how the place actually is.
We had also heard that all the “big names” are training in Boulder, and find the area absolutely marvellous. But is it true, and are the names making it all…?

– One day we went for a swim in an open-air pool of around 22 yards, and found ourselves swimming together with Tim de Boom :-) He told that had been just running up on the heights (remember Boulder town is in 1 800 m) for 2 hours, and that was in a trail on the mountains in 2 400m!!! So now he needed a good swim of around 4 k after his run :-)
–  Another day as Frank was taking some photos with Craig Alexander, they were invited down to Dave Scott… for a dinner and a chat about his Hawaii-build-up… I would have like been a fly on the wall, and heard all the talking… But luckily enough I could hear it from Frankie afterwards:-)
– There was also a day, when I was running on the sandy trails, and Julie Dibens was “flying” as passing by me, Matt from Retül pacing her on a mountainbike. Julie had just done 4 hour bikeride in IM pace, and where out for a 2 hour-off-the-bike-run. And she was really going fast.
– Friday I went down to Retül getting the bikefit done by Matt Steinmetz, and when I was looking on the walls, I could see Lance, Chrissie, Chris Lieto, Craig etc. photos of the bikefitting with them… So I am sure I got the bikefit, that is well done :-)

Well I just want to say you as well, that it is not that I am jumping around, when I see all the famous athletes, but I feel great, when I talk with them, and get all the advices, that I can use. It is like in Denmark we have Torbjørn Sindballe, Rasmus Henning and so on. And when you have chance to talk with them, you see that they are just normal people, but with some fantastic advises about training, and a great lifestyle, in my opinion.

So I can just say, yes Boulder must be a Mecca of Tri, and triathletes… Great place to train… Fantastic biking; because you can do great steep roads, easy climbing and really good  timetrial riding, superb running; on the flat, but specially the trails and hilly, sandy roads, in the great nature.
Swimming…..well, they just closed the only 50m outdoorpool, because they where going to have dog-swim-sessions !!!!
So I am left with the yards-lanes, and so there is not 10 points on that one.
And the most important of all, the training is done in the heights, meaning that you get a lot more red blood cells into your body, and when returning to the sealevel again; you are flying… I am flying… Hope you are flying too :-) well….hope I am flying also….

Craig, Frank and Dave, having a chat

Craig, Frank and Dave, having a chat

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  1. I can believe why you feel like flying. That’s an incredibly cool tri-adventure you’re up to. Best of luck on the training – hope it will pay off in October!

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