It is not only about condition

The Danish Championchips in the long distances are approaching; on Sunday it is time to see, if my training has been good, and if I have got be a better triathlete :-) There are 4 keyareas, where I focus now…The race will take place in Juelsminde on Jutland, and it will be exciting to see, how I am doing compared to last year, and even compared to Hannover. There are ofcourse many factors, that play a role. The weather on raceday, the race course (they have changed both the bike and run for this year) and also the competition on the day. But you know, I feel ready for anything.
I fell in 3 issues, that I find very important close to the race. This time there is very little I can do to my condition, except to do a tapper that I know works for me. So I look more into:

1. Nutrition: 
– plan your energy for the race: know how much you drink and eat, and what you drink and eat. Know the products you are using, to avoid big surprises, and stomach issues :-(
– hopefully you also planned your energy need during the week up to the race and night/morning before the race, and you feel great to “GO” the racemorning

2. Equipment:
– no loose tires or straps hanging around on your bike or helmet, and the laces in your running shoes are set on the place.
– know how to change a flat tire, and know how your new gaspump is functioning, train it for real!
– give a good wash to your bike, and you will ride even faster
– dont be heavy. I dont spend time keeping my weight low, and then put a lot of stuff on my bike. Trim it, trim it good!

3.  Mental game
– believe into yourself, believe that all the training you have done accumulates in you, and that you can open it up on the race day. Put that feeling into your mind , so you can push that button just when you need to get all that energy flowing
– trust on your tapper. Make a plan, and stick to it. Sometimes the tappering might get you feel a bit sluggish, but stay cool, you will be strong!
– look for the race; enjoy the day, appreciate the chance, that you have to unfold as an athlete
– put pictures of good moments into your mind, the feeling last time you felt that you were swimming really strong and good, how did you do? How did it feel? Then make a picture of that, and the fix of it into your mind. Come raceday, put out the picture, and off you go!

Good racing!

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