It is soon spring – don’t give up!

This is the time of the year that you easily get the spring feeling, but then again no, as the spring is not there  anyway. Long training sessions inside are getting boring and making you to feel tired and they don’t inspire you anymore. BUT hey, don’t give up yet, you trained so hard and all the winter, so it is just to get over the next weeks, and then it is time to move to the fresh air.
Here some late winter survival tips:

– Keep on training, the better you push yourself after the plan, the better you will be in your summer races
– Keep the focus in your training, do what you are suppose to, don’t just think about your goal, like Øresund TRI etc. It is now you have to train, the race is first in the summer
– Do something different during your sessions, like change the music when biking, or change your running route, or buy a new swimmingsuit. All these points are making you more motivated again, and motivate you to keep going
– Find a new training partner, or just find a partner to train with. This give you more competitive feelings and is pushing you to go even harder
– Take 2 days of from the training, and get the feeling of training again
– Feel the spring sun, and get outside… whats out if it is icy, and whats out not to get too cold, if you are riding on the bike. It is really good to get outside and try how it is to ride on the real road after all the hours on the hometrainer. Enjoy!
– Book your training camp! If you did not plan or book it yet, it is time! Why not to come to Mallorca and our own place Check how it is looking like at the moment – almost real time, as the pictures are from today:

udsigt petra


fra randa

And more views!

NLC starnd

Almost summer feelings!

Hope to see you in Nextlevelcamp, just send an email for information!


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