It is soon spring – don’t give up!

This is the time of the year that you easily get the spring feeling, but then again no, as the spring is not there  anyway. Long training sessions inside are getting boring and making you to feel tired and they don’t inspire you anymore. BUT hey, don’t give up yet, you trained so hard and all the winter, so it is just to get over the next weeks, and then it is time to move to the fresh air.
Here some late winter survival tips:

Training with the right energy

Are you one of them who is trying to survive the 2-4 hours training sessions with water? And in the end of the training you feel exhausted, and wonder why you could not push like you feel your condition is for? If you did your training without salt and sugar, no wonder if you felt like this.

push and push

push and push

How to avoid getting sick in Off season

There are no excuses of not going out for training because of the boring grey, coldish and rainy weather, you can always put your “rain clothes” on and go for a run or ride… just a short one is also ok… put some good clothes on, and don’t get cold and risk of getting sick… Without my Fusion Zero Degree clothes on the mountainbike, I would not manage ;-)
This I ment as advice more than commercial ! So try this one, or anything like it.